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  2. How the heck do I view videos? Not too user friendly.

    1. Try now Paul, I had to manually turn on the account.

      1. How do I join your team?

    2. how do I watch ? I can not find a sign-in

      1. you can watch on Roku, desktop and laptop only.

  3. this needs to get a lot better and a lot more user friendly.

    1. we are trying buddy

  4. I signed up, subscribed today! But your site has no log in options? Button or place to sign in with name and password? I’m using an iPhone are there issues interfacing? Let me know how to fix.

    1. this channel can only be viewed on Roku, desktop and laptop, we are not on iphone or android phones as of yet, but we will be.

  5. How do I log in I am registered

    1. you can login on a Roku, desktop or laptop. we wont be on all other platforms and phones until after the new year.

    2. I don’t know how to either

  6. It seems to be a common theme here……..can’t log in, can barely read comments, nothing works, etc. Look, I was all in when I saw who was going to be a part of this new venture, but feel like your excitement of a new way to provide video without having a Google censor was a bridge too far. You need programming help in the worst way. To have access from a wide variety of devices is not a simple task. I joined, registered, and have had monthly fees auto paid but have yet to see a single video. I’m going to give you guys the benefit of the doubt, but someday, if this isn’t up and running, your access to my bank account is going to be one more thing that doesn’t work. I do understand the complexity of a rollout like this but to me, soon to be on Firestick, iPhone, etc. means soon? Like a couple weeks maybe? It’s not a bunch of money so I’ll stick around for a few more months. Good luck.

  7. The cops are slowly being educated by auditors.
    How about educating the dispatchers about liberty and law?
    Big tax savings could be made if they just simply asked the Karen callers:
    *Are you calling about taking pictures from the public easment?
    *Taking video is a 1st amendment protected right from publicly accessable locations, are you sure we need to use tax money for this?
    *You’re not asking to trespass someone’s eyes, are you?

    Peace and much love

  8. The comments are dark gray text on a black background.
    Nearly impossible to read.
    I tried light and dark mode in my browser.

  9. I’d agree, a few improvements wouldn’t hurt the site- but I’m happy to give a few bucks a month to support visions resembling a modern liberty and the efforts of people like Rogue Nation who are dedicated towards their accomplishment. Not to mention all of the “watch and learn: how to” instructional videos showcasing proper and practical techniques involving incidents encountering the enforcer class and their groupies.

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